Friday, November 30, 2007

Week 48

Week 48 was better than I thought, but not as much as I would have liked. Studying and the stress of studying are freaking me out pretty good at this point.

Goals for Week 48:
King - 4 x 4 disappearing 9 patch center done
Peter/Hunter quilt – progress of some sort
Trifecta – quilted (or at least started…)
Crayon – red crayon done
Giftie – progress
Coasters giftie – done
Dad – progress
Tumbleweeds – find!!!
Pictures into guild for show

What I got done:

I started week 48 on Sunday the 25th, which was the first full day home from KS. I made it a pretty productive day…

Sunday, 11/25/07:
King – 4 x 4 disappearing 9 patch center done. It’s 54 inches square and turned out really well.
Dad – Sewed 80 squares to 80 bricks and did all the bonus triangles.
Started 10 string blocks.

Monday, 11/26/07:

Tuesday, 11/27/07:
Made center for red crayon and added 2 strips. Finished string blocks. Sandwiched the roll up thing. Prepped 80 white squares and also made 8 4 patch centers.

Wednesday, 11/28/07:
Started red crayon and stopped after screw-up. Sewed the 80 squares and cut another 64.

Thursday, 11/29/07:
Started on the coasters giftie. I have hundreds of bonus triangles from my snowmen quilt and I am setting them together as Broken Dishes for coasters. I had 4 blocks made, then I did 6 more last night and I still do not have all the triangles ironed and sorted. I need 12 coasters – 6 for the gift and 6 for me, plus I will use the rest of the blocks in a table runner for me. So the more blocks the merrier.

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JudyL said...

You did a lot and I can't even imagine how stressful the studying must make things. Isn't it amazing that even when we think we didn't get a lot done but make a list, we're surprised at what we accomplished.