Friday, November 30, 2007


I am just brilliant! Yes, really, I am!

Tomorrow the weather from central IL to Chicago is supposed to be downright nasty as the day goes on. We are projected to get freezing rain, sleet, ice and other bundles of joy. I need to be in Chicago by 3:15 on Sunday for the Bears game, for which I have a ticket. So what to do?

I have decided to go up early (like as early as I leave for work) tomorrow. Stop on Morris at the dealer to pick up the Janome. Then head into Brookfield and spend 2 nights with my sister (her 2 boys and our Dad, making it a 3 generational house of nuttiness, but that is another story for another day) (and let’s not forget the 2 cats and one dog).

As previously mentioned, I am making a quilt for my Dad for Xmas. So since I will have the Janome in tow, Kim and I will set up shop in her upstairs bedroom suite, and power sew the top. If I can leave early on Monday morning with the top all done (and studied through Chapter 6, another goal), it will have been a fantastic weekend!

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