Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tuesday night progress

A good quilty night, especially when compared to Monday night. Monday night’s lack of stuff can be attributed to white wine in the food and the scents of dinner and the scent of tropical breeze in the Glad Plug-in in the basement all clashing to make me feel nasty. Ted wasn’t doing too hot either, while DD was fine and she didn’t eat the same thing we did.

Anyway, Tuesday’s success. I did finish cutting yellow and then went on to cut all of orange and the first cut on the blues. The first cut is just whacking off a 5” strip from all of these folds of fabric. I was able to determine that 2 large yardage pieces from my cousin are nasty when ironed, so they are poly blends and off to charity they went.

So tonight’s goal is to finish cutting up the blues, cut the greens and make the first cut in the reds. I need to cut for the red crayon as well, and that will just take a ton of time. Tomorrow is our first Brownies meeting, so I have to leave work early to handle pick-up, so I will have more quilty time! Yay! I hope to handle the reds, the whites and the blacks on Thursday.

Oh, and I should do some more on the brown crayon, shouldn’t I?

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