Sunday, July 08, 2012

Go! and feet

2 things:

I'm pretty sure the left foot pain I am having is planar faciitis.  I need to make a doctor's appointment to figure out exactly which treatments are wise.  If gym shoes are wise, please, sweet Jesus, let me get a doctor's note.

The other thing is that I was at my LQS today in the sale room.  I start there.  I had forgotten my store tote, which can function as a coupon on regularly priced items, so I was going to limit purchases to sale items, which the bag doesn't work for.  So I'm in there and I find a backing for something and then I am wandering around and I do a double-take.

They had not one, but two, Accuquilt GO! Babies in there for half off.  That's $70, people.  My credit card bill rolls over on Thursday and I have to go out that way on Friday to get Renee from week 4 of camp, so I will be stopping by and grabbing some GO things.

I had decided long ago that I was only going to get a GO if and only if it was under $100.  This fits the bill.  The Baby's dies fit my needs.  The 2.5 strip is there, the nickel is there and the small tumbler is there.  Those were the big desires.  There are others, but those were the big ones.

I'm so giddy with excitement.  I mentioned it to Ted and he was fine with it.  So double yay.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Mid-Season Report

Well, we are at the half-year mark.  Time to reevaluate. 

I have completed 4 UFOs from my list and for many things, if I have started them, I have finished them.  This is not a bad thing.  As for my 100 yard dash from stash, I’m at 23.11 yards, which is fine.

My goals for the year are to complete 19 or 20 UFOs, thus showing that I completed 75% of my list.  That’s not too shabby.  I also want to continue with the idea that I finish what I start in 2012.  For now, that is the 6 Pay It Forward quilts.  Again, not too shabby.  I need to make 3 more things super-quick this month, but again, they have to be done by month-end, so it’s all good.

When I look at what I want to complete in the near future, this is the list:

UFOs (7)
Red strings
Yellow LCRR
St. Pat’s LCRR
PIF-Weed Whacker
Christmas 2 BOM
Black and White BOM
Australia FQs

New Items (3)
United Way jacket
Sophia 1600
Layla 1600

My goal is to get all of these with the binding attached by the start of the Olympics and then I will bind like crazy.  In actuality, I will get 7 of them done and progress on the other 3.  Any progress is still progress.  If I do get the 7 done, that would be 40+ yards from stash and nearly 2,000 inches of binding, not to mention 4 off the UFO list. 

I am also using Wednesdays as Orca Bay Wednesdays, to see if I will ever finish this quilt.  I made some good progress this week.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th!!!

Happy 4th!  As we all know, freedom isn't free, so for everyone who is serving or has served, thank you for making it possible for me to sit around, drink coffee and type this post.

I love parades, especially the one on the 4th.  When the 4th falls on a Sunday, Hinsdale and Brookfield have their parades on different days, thus giving me TWO parades!  I'm giddy with excitement!

Alas and alack, B-N does not do a parade for today.  They do parades for Memorial Day and Labor Day, but not for the 4th.  At least we get fireworks.

And the corn is tasseling....

Sunday, July 01, 2012


OK, this isn't a quilty post.  As you know, I do Girl Scouts.  I wasn't a Girl Scout as a child, but I am as an adult.  This weekend, we hosted about 70 girls and 25 adults for the weekend of camping at our local GS campground.  This has been over a year in the planning.  I was in charge of food.  I now know what $1100 in groceries from Sam's Club looks like and I can confirm it fits in my minivan.

First of all, now that I have seen how horrible the weather has been this past weekend between heat, fire, crazy storms and power outages, I am incredibly thankful to God that we are all safe.  We had no first aid issues either.

It was incredibly hot, incredibly humid and incredibly busy!  We dealt with 100 degree heat indices, blazing sun, lightning, thunder, rain and cool fronts.  We ate, drank and played.  Field games were played, cardboard boats were raced in the lake and girls made friends.  (We intentionally mixed the girls up from their troops into color teams to build friendships.) Our wildest expectations were exceeded.  We have had both kids and grown-ups sign up for next year's committee.

And we are so tired.  OMG tired.  Like, I came home and took a nap at noon tired.  I have laundry everywhere, no food in my house and I just don't care.  I took tomorrow and Tuesday off for my weekend.  Thank goodness Wednesday is a holiday!  Then I have to slug through 2 days at work before another weekend.  

Well, I guess here's a quilty note.   I've declared all Wednesday sewing henceforth Orca Bay sewing.  So welcome to Orca Bay Wednesdays!