Sunday, July 01, 2012


OK, this isn't a quilty post.  As you know, I do Girl Scouts.  I wasn't a Girl Scout as a child, but I am as an adult.  This weekend, we hosted about 70 girls and 25 adults for the weekend of camping at our local GS campground.  This has been over a year in the planning.  I was in charge of food.  I now know what $1100 in groceries from Sam's Club looks like and I can confirm it fits in my minivan.

First of all, now that I have seen how horrible the weather has been this past weekend between heat, fire, crazy storms and power outages, I am incredibly thankful to God that we are all safe.  We had no first aid issues either.

It was incredibly hot, incredibly humid and incredibly busy!  We dealt with 100 degree heat indices, blazing sun, lightning, thunder, rain and cool fronts.  We ate, drank and played.  Field games were played, cardboard boats were raced in the lake and girls made friends.  (We intentionally mixed the girls up from their troops into color teams to build friendships.) Our wildest expectations were exceeded.  We have had both kids and grown-ups sign up for next year's committee.

And we are so tired.  OMG tired.  Like, I came home and took a nap at noon tired.  I have laundry everywhere, no food in my house and I just don't care.  I took tomorrow and Tuesday off for my weekend.  Thank goodness Wednesday is a holiday!  Then I have to slug through 2 days at work before another weekend.  

Well, I guess here's a quilty note.   I've declared all Wednesday sewing henceforth Orca Bay sewing.  So welcome to Orca Bay Wednesdays!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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Ramona from Sam's Club said...

Wow, it sure sounds like you had a very busy weekend! Providing food for nearly 100 people must have been quite the challenge, but it sounds like you took it in stride! Thanks for shopping with Sam’s Club and enjoyed your July 4th holiday! – Ramona from Sam’s Club