Sunday, July 08, 2012

Go! and feet

2 things:

I'm pretty sure the left foot pain I am having is planar faciitis.  I need to make a doctor's appointment to figure out exactly which treatments are wise.  If gym shoes are wise, please, sweet Jesus, let me get a doctor's note.

The other thing is that I was at my LQS today in the sale room.  I start there.  I had forgotten my store tote, which can function as a coupon on regularly priced items, so I was going to limit purchases to sale items, which the bag doesn't work for.  So I'm in there and I find a backing for something and then I am wandering around and I do a double-take.

They had not one, but two, Accuquilt GO! Babies in there for half off.  That's $70, people.  My credit card bill rolls over on Thursday and I have to go out that way on Friday to get Renee from week 4 of camp, so I will be stopping by and grabbing some GO things.

I had decided long ago that I was only going to get a GO if and only if it was under $100.  This fits the bill.  The Baby's dies fit my needs.  The 2.5 strip is there, the nickel is there and the small tumbler is there.  Those were the big desires.  There are others, but those were the big ones.

I'm so giddy with excitement.  I mentioned it to Ted and he was fine with it.  So double yay.

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