Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The One Where I Get Diverticulitis...

Yep, I’ve been hit.  And it’s horrible. 

On April 10, I did a 5k at night.  It was a glorious night for a walk and although I was the absolute last to finish, I did have a great time.  That was a Friday.  Saturday was a day of icing and recovery.  But Sunday I woke up and oh my, did I ache.  So off to urgent care I went.  He was very kind, gave me my meds and off I went to rest.  But it’s taken all 10 days of the antibiotics before I have finally felt better.  I’ve lost 10 pounds in the process.  Not my idea on how to lose 10 pounds but whatever.

Very little creatively has been happening.  I haven’t had the energy. But little bits did get done, especially over Easter weekend. 


All green blocks for Grand Illusion done
All the vertical joining seams for CS
7 more DJ blocks
Finish spring flowers wall hanging
Shawl – sections 2 – 5
Sweater – body done

So maybe not so bad.  I got all of that done and it’s only the 22nd of the month.  I am busy straight through from tonightto the 26th, so maybe I can get a bit done next week before the month flips over…

Let’s see what I could do

Back for spring flowers quilt
Sandwiching spring flowers
Machine sew the 2 horizontal seams for CS

That seems about right.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Monthly Report

(As I type that post title, I realize I need to do my monthly report for work…)

Not too many posts here in March, but I can say that on the health front, I have survived the withdrawal from soda and now can walk without thinking.  I know that sounds really odd, but walking without thinking is a huge achievement!  I am moving slowly but I am moving. 

On the Dear Jane front, I misplaced the 3 blocks I had completed and that took the wind out of my sails.  Then I tried printing from the software and that hasn’t gone well either; now my laptop doesn’t recognize the printer.  This all was very discouraging. 

So I decided to work on some other sewing.  I did get the last 2 sections of Celtic Solstice made, sandwiched, quilted and trimmed.  Then I did go ahead and do all the vertical joins.  I am now sewing the strips down on the backside, as those strips cover the seams.  That handwork takes time and it’s awkward to do, but the effect is worth it.  This one will be a finish sooner rather than later.  Then next up was a spring quilt that came into my mind. 

Someone on Stashbusters indicated that a tumbler shape upside down is really a flower pot if you’d like.  That was all the inspiration that I needed.  I belong to Keepsake Quilting’s Bits & Pieces club and one month they sent over 300 die cut shapes and in different months I received lots of tumblers.  The flowers in the die cut pack were all batik, so I used my batik tumblers.  I also had another pack from the club that were 20 bright batik 10 inch squares.  I found some white in my stash and of course I had green strings….

The 10 inch squares became 20 double slice squares.  I have 6 panels that are 1 double slice square wide and 2 long and each of those has a flower pot with 3 flowers in it.  The center is 2 double slice blocks by 2 double slice blocks and it has a flower box with 5 flowers in it.  All the block work is done; all I have to do is assemble the blocks and move it forward.  And of course I’m making a mini one block version for my cube.  I hope to finish both of these within the month of April because well, it’s April!

And of course I have been knitting.

So slowly but surely it’s coming back together.  My goals for April are as follows:

2 sections of Grand Illusion quilted
All green blocks for Grand Illusion done
All handwork for joining seams done on Celtic Solstice
Blue snow blocks into a top
2 or 3 sets of split 9 patch blocks
4 mug rugs
1 DJ block per day
Finish spring flowers quilt
Finish spring flowers wall hanging
Shawl – sections 2 – 5
Slippers – done
Sweater – body done

And blog more.  Life is finally coming back to normal.  Amen.