Monday, October 29, 2012

Barnyard Bats

Sometimes you gotta make a quilt.  So here is my Barnyard Bats quilt.

I made it this weekend, using the tutorial from Elizabeth at Oh, Fransson!  It was nice to actually start and finish something in a reasonable time frame!  It used .74 yards.

(Please ignore my messy cube and that damned PC that frickin BROKE today.  Don't ask.  When you take Excel away from an accountant, you take your life into your own hands.  Just sayin'.)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Well, hi

Yeah, well, hi.  It's been a bit since I posted.  Here are some updates on various things.

Knitting - I'm back into knitting.  I have several projects started and so now I have a UFO problem there!  I am not making sweaters or buying super-expensive yarn or anything.  I'm making a lot of scarves, shawls, etc.  Right now I have 2 on the needles: a blue wingspan and a mauve simple-shawl.  I want to make sure these 2 get done before I start anything new or head over to a different UFO.

Crochet - Same thing as knitting, but nothing I'm diligently working on.  Once I get the 2 knitting projects done, then I'll reassess all yarn things and get it organized.

Yarn reorganization means that I need to take bookcases out of Renee's room and move them into my room to hold the yarn stuff.  So yeah, I have to clean out the corner the bookcases are to go in, then move them in there and reload them.  And figure out what to do with Renee's stuff until her room is painted and ready for new get the idea.

Quilting - I'm handling this slowly due to all the entertaining we need to do between Election Day and New Year's.  It's like 5 or 6 events.  Anyway, I started the barnyard bats little project on Oh Fransson! and I need to get all caught up on all my BOM blocks.  Stashbusters says to have a Fall Finishing Party and try to get 3 more UFOs done.   I think I will be doing it slightly differently.

I want to finish the yellow LCRR, but it requires a lot of handwork.  So that is slow-going.

I want to finish the Christmas quilt, but that requires a lot of room, which I don't have right now.

I want to finish the barnyard bats and by God I will.

I want to make a jacket out of the $5 BOM I am in.  Since the last block is due to be picked up in the first week of December, that will be a nice project to work in there at year-end.  Work is due to be very busy this year-end so stress relief will be needed.

I want to finish the barn raising quilt by Michelle's Romantic Tangle that I started.

I have no idea how this is all going to get done.  Right now I need to schedule a plumber for my front powder room and so getting ready to have my main floor presentable to people is my number one goal. So far so slow.

But I passed my insurance exam....

Monday, October 08, 2012

In which I deviate....

Normally I write about quilting and crafting here.  Sometimes more frequently than others.  But I am not defined only by my quilting.  (Although if I were, that wouldn't be that bad!)  I have other things gnawing at me.

Right now in my life, for the remainder of this year, I need to clean my house.  Yes, for the holidays, but more importantly, because I feel driven to do so.  You know what I mean.  You just *have* to.

Except I have no energy.  I do not know why.  Well, I know one piece-  I hate to clean.  But I am driven!  I want this done!  For the first time in my life, I am inspired to decorate!

But it requires energy.  And I don't have any.

I have heard some chatter about dietary changes boosting energy.  I am a firm believer in nutrition, although you would not know it to look at me.  My friend says you would know it to eat at my table; I do a lot of from scratch cooking.

So I'm trying to clean and maybe make a change or two.  It all begins with walking away from the Super-Sized Coke....