Monday, April 23, 2018

So Much for a Vacation...

Today is my tenth and final day home in a row.  It was supposed to be 6 days of me home alone and of course the two weekends.  It ended up being me home alone for 4 days and about losing my ever-loving mind. 

We survived prom.  Mother Nature went back and forth and back and forth and back and forth with the barometer, leading me to have more migraines and mini-migraines all week.  I napped and napped and napped.  And read and read and read.  That part wasn't so bad, in retrospect.

However, I got next to nothing done.  I did get the donation bags out of my trunk, so that has to count for something.  I did get the binding on my Innovations quilt and it's nearly all sewn down.  I watched *a lot* of tivo.  I mean, an insane amount of recorded stuff.  I got a sized 2T cardigan through one sleeve, leaving the other sleeve for a conference this week at work.  I got a shawl to the point I wanted to. 

Of course today (being the last day) is the first and only day I have felt OK.  And I left my wallet and car keys in Ted's car.  We went to the Cardinals game in STL yesterday and I took the keys out of my pocket and put them in the door pocket for the drive home.  And forgot to check when I got out last night.  So I've relaxed some more today and did 2 hours of work, going through a huge amount of email.

So back to work I go tomorrow, but hopefully I will have the energy to do stuff after work now.

Monday, April 09, 2018

11 years and 1 year

Today marks my 11th work anniversary.  It is the longest I have ever worked anywhere, as the job market and benefits here are so very different than Chicagoland.  I have a pension, thus making the decision to switch jobs so much more complex.  I am very happy where I am.

Today also marks 1 year since I figured out a few things about my UFOs. 

Last year I figured out that I had over 200 UFO's.  In fairness, some are just collections of fabric with no idea, just that they need to stay together.  However, I cataloged about 90 and then stopped, figuring I had hit about half way.  A year later and more poking around the sewing space, and I think 200 is about right.

So I vowed last April 9 that I had to do 10 UFO's a year.  I don't care about new starts as long as they are finished.  I just have to do 10 UFO's a year.  Even the one finish that I had for Q1 of this year doesn't technically count because it was started last summer.  The 2 tops that I have completed so far this year do count and they even have backs ready, so that's a huge start.  I also have planned a week long staycation this month and I have a minor goal of 4 tops done and a lofty goal of 8 items ready to have their bindings hand-sewn down. 

This is my kind of goal.

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Where my time has actually been going

Walk walk walk on the treadmill of doom.

That would be the Cliff Notes version.  But yes there has been a lot of walking.   I decided to really get serious about it in January, then I slacked a bit and then in February, it all just clicked.  I am doing it for reals.

A few factors, some of which I will explain, and some that I won't, at least right now. 

My daughter explained to me that children get their accents from their friends and not their family.  Extending that corollary, the company I keep has changed.  Fitness is in.  One person does not know what I am doing.  Another does and is incredibly discreet about it - maybe an occasional comment one on one but not in a group.  3 others are in the same age group as me and we have a walking group whenever work has a challenge - we all sit be each other and we are encouraging.

Hogwarts Running Club.  Trust me, this has been invaluable.  Harry Potter not your thing? $10 bets that there is a fandom for you that does this. 

Crazy life goals.  I'm approaching a big birthday and I have a few crazy-pants goals.  Swimmer Katie Ledecky said this about goals: 

I would encourage you to set really high goals. Set goals that, when you set them, you think they're impossible. But then every day you can work towards them, and anything is possible, so keep working hard and follow your dreams.

When I am ready to reveal my crazy-pans goals, I will.  I am trying a few on for size.

All of this being said, there will be posts about where I am at goals-wise. 

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Q1 is Done

The first quarter of 2018 is done.  Today is Easter Sunday and it's snowing.  April Fool's!

The first quarter went pretty well regarding crafting.  I am working on my final term of Loopy Academy and I am so grateful to have a great niece to make a sweater for instead of me.  She's a size 2T.  I'm not.  

On the quilting front, I have done a lot.  I am trying to adapt various techniques to keep the mojo flowing.  I am using JOT - just one thing.  It is rougher for me with the machine on the main floor and the ironing station downstairs but hey I gotta do what I gotta do.  I also have started to use the OMG concept - one monthly goal.  My monthly goal is one top completed.  I realize that there is usually one top and an alternate.  

Then I got a wild hair and I decided to do a reverse WITB - what's in the box.  Most do the WITB to empty it.  I chose to take a basket and fill it with everything in my UFO pile that I seriously want to work on.  I let all responsibility go and just picked fun things or easy things or even similar things.  The laundry basket sits in my living room and it hopefully won't take me all year to empty it, but it will be fun.  

So how successful have I been so far this year?  1 have 3 tops completed, and one is already quilted and bound - my Q1 finish.  Not great but enough for now.

Monday, January 01, 2018

To Quote Michael Jordan....

"I'm back."

This was his 2 word fax to the Chicago Bulls when he returned and they repeated the Three-Peat.

2017 was a year.  Oh My.

I bought a new car.
I bought Renee a new car.
(Both are Chevy Sonics and both are used.)

I knit a lot.
I quilted some.
I bought tatting supplies.

I became a great-aunt.
A good friend had her second child.
Another good friend bought a house with her man.

I went to Europe.
I went to Coronado Island.
Worth every moment.

We lost Coach Rachel, tragically, on September 14.
We lost Grandma Mary on September 29 (my birthday) at age 96 and a half.
Grief sucks.

On August 22, Renee injured her shoulder.
On September 16, Renee suffered a concussion.
The swim season was a bust and rehab continues.

Ted got bronchitis the week before Thanksgiving.
I got ill the day after Thanksgiving.
The holidays were low-key.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

How Migraines Work

5.00am  The migraine awakens you to announce its presence.

6.00am  You wake up to start your day.  As you shower, you realize that the migraine has decided it will take charge of your day.

6.15am  You take migraine medicine.

6.40am  After the thought of coffee disgusts you (a very scary sign), you drive your child to sports practice.  The burning ball of fire in the sky is pure evil, as is the barometer.

7.00am  You arrive home, change out of your mismatched work clothes (another sign of the migraine), change back into pajamas and go back to bed.

8.20am  Your husband asks you to get up to drive him to the airport.  Also a migraine sufferer, he has great sympathy for your plight, but needs a ride.

8.35am  You drop off his car at the repair place (well, it will sit in the driveway anyway while he gone - might as well get this handled).  Text work that this migraine is taking over today.

8.50am  You drop your husband off at the airport.  You are ready to pull away but he's not walking in.  You roll down the window and ask if things are ok.  He gets back in the car.  We live in Illinois and you can't fly interstate without a passport to go with your state ID.  Our state IDs are not updated because there is no money because there is no budget (for a year now).

8.55am  Drive longingly past the McD's and head home to get passport while husband texts child that you will be late picking them up from practice.

9.10am  Arrive home, get passport.

9.25am  Finally drop husband at airport.

9.27am  Finally get food at McD's and take second migraine pill, as first has done nothing.

9.45am  Pick up child very late from practice.  Child is fine.

9.53am  Return home.  Change back into pajamas and go back to bed.

2.00pm  Get husband's car, grab lunch at Jimmy John's (migraine hangover food) and return home.  Child has done mise en place for dinner and is asking questions on fried rice cooking techniques.  You silently thank the gods for your child's wisdom on this matter.

2.54pm  You finish this post.

Please note that tornadoes ripped through Illinois overnight and my migraine plight is nothing.  I had one co-worker who spent the night in her basement with her kids with no power until 6am.  She made it into work.  I suck.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

20 years

Today marks my 20th wedding anniversary to Ted.  (A co-worker is celebrating her 36 - she says I'm a rookie!)  Interestingly enough, it's been a time of introspection.

The dad (Joe) of the best man at our wedding (Mike) died last Friday.  Ted made the choice to go to the wake even though he and Mike have not talked in about 10 years.  They just grew apart, and despite social media, they have not kept in touch.  Ted debated about going, but Joe and his wife Kathy were such a part of his life pre-marriage and even post-marriage, it was the right thing.  He took a half day off to go.

So Ted saw some folks from Mike's group of friends.  Others were not there / had not shown up.  He saw Mike and his siblings, and some of their kids, but none of their spouses.  And not all of the kids either.  In my family, a wake is a command performance and all spouses and kids (grandchildren) must be present.  (Think we don't do it?  My dad's wake was -10 degrees out.  That's below zero.  And yep, we were all there.)

As Ted was chatting with the widow Kathy, she asked about me, our girl, etc - all the usual niceties.  Ted replied with yep, we're married, life is good, etc.  Kathy muttered that all of her kids were getting divorced.

That explained a lot.  One spouse and the kids were coming after she got off work (huh?).  Another spouse of a child who lives out of state never even made the trip (but she sent the g'kids).  The third spouse was also absent.  Of the group of long-lost friends, one is divorced, one remains single, 1 is still married (we're friends on FB) and I think the other 2 are still married.

Ted said it brought closure.  And he's happy we're still married.

Tradition says that china is the gift for 20 years.  We're getting takeout.