Thursday, May 07, 2020

Hello from the Flip Side of the Shit Show

There really is no other way to describe April from a work point of view.  Let me give a few disclaimers:  everyone in my house is employed.  We have housing, food, money, health and each other.  Seriously, from a pandemic POV, we are just fine.

All that being said, April was just a shit show with work.  First there was the concept of trying to co-own a program and all the work underneath it with another person.  Then add in the fact that the person you are working with is just disengaged.  So disengaged that he in face left the company mid-month.

So then came 2 weeks of hard core scrambling to get a mission and vision crafted for folks.  Got that done and signed off on last week.  Today, I got them to agree to stop 2/3 of work efforts to focus on a few key things.  The formal announcement of the idea that all work must flow through me and allowing me to get just get to work goes out on Tuesday.

I now can breathe.

On a crafty front, I finished 3 sweaters for Loopy Grad School.  I'm #9 on the queen's list so I need to finish a UFO ASAP.  I'm working on a braided throw rug using old t-shirts.

Renee is done with freshman year.  Ted's in a code freeze.  All is well.

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Fab 4 and Masks

So my Fab 4 last week was:

Fab 4 - Quilting
Clue 1 - Quilted Twins - nope
Clue 1 - Quiltville Unity - starting today
Blocks 1 & 2- Laundry Basket Quilts - nope
Finish all fabric bowls lying around - nope

Fab 4 - Knitting

Tudor Tweed - Weave in ends, block - nope
Daffodil - Finish second sleeve through increases - done
Daffodil - Finish body and separate - done
Pink - Knit through separation for neck - about halfway

During the week, the decision was made that we need to wear masks.  I haven't sewn any up until then, and when the call came out, 3 people contacted me in 15 minutes.  So I finished cleaning up my sewing space.  I pulled fabrics for masks.  I made a prototype and people agreed.  This morning, I have enough cut out to make about 90 masks.  I do not have all the ties cut as of yet.  Thank goodness for The Ten Commandments, because I love that movie and I was working up until after the parting of the Red Sea, which is when I usually need to go to bed.

My goal is 3 masks per person.  One is not enough.  I assume the following:  You can only wear a mask out for one outing.  You don't do laundry every 5 minutes.  You might need to go out unscheduled.  So I assume one is in the laundry, one is the one you're wearing right now and you've got one in reserve if you need to run out.  

Anyway my revised Fab 4's:

Make masks for all 38 people (and one cat - don't ask) and get them mailed.

Fab 4 - Quilting
Clue 1 - Quilted Twins - collect clue
Clue 1 - Quiltville Unity - through clue 2
Blocks 1 & 2 - Laundry Basket Quilts 
Finish all fabric bowls lying around

Fab 4 - Knitting
Tudor Tweed - Weave in ends, block
Daffodil - Fish sleeves to desired length (before cap shaping)
Daffodil - Do fronts and back to 7.75 inches from armhole 
Pink - Knit through the front

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Two Weeks In

We are all doing well, here in the Schwitzner Shelter.  (As an aside, I've been working on figuring out an alliterative word for home for like FOREVER.  Shack has been rejected for various reasons.  This situation presented Shelter as an option and so I claim it.)  We are all back home, moved out from university, offices established here at home, etc.  We have routines, etc.  Frankly, we do this every year-end around the holidays when the university (wherever Ted is working) goes into Shutdown.  I joke about it and call it the 12 Days of Shutdown, and right now we are doing the same thing, but without snow and winter weather.

We are equipped with 2 deep freezes and a pretty robust pantry.  I have spent more on groceries than I would normally but there is nearly no eating out, so it all evens out.  I am now grocery shopping only once every 10 days and I am the only one that goes to do it.  My CSA's are prepared to continue in these changing times.  My beef, eggs and chickens ones are arranging alternate pickups and the fruit and produce ones are also committed to getting us our healthy foods.  Food is somehow the one thing that worries me the most.  I don't know why.

Since I am working full time, I am not crafting as much as some people think.  I really did not get any more time back to my day by working from home.  (Ted gained 2 hours, one of which he uses for sleep.)  Luckily there have been 4 different quilting communities online who are doing online mysteries or Quilt A Longs (QAL's) to keep us sane.  I missed the first one, but the other 3 are in various stages and I am collecting the steps.  I also have a large knitting deadline on April 30, so I am knitting like mad to get this accomplished.

So now that I think we have a groove being home and I personally think we will be home for a lot longer than Easter, I'm going to start a Fab 4:

Fab 4 - Quilting
Clue 1 - Quilted Twins
Clue 1 - Quiltville Unity
Blocks 1 & 2- Laundry Basket Quilts
Finish all fabric bowls lying around

Fab 4 - Knitting
Tudor Tweed - Weave in ends, block
Daffodil - Finish second sleeve through increases
Daffodil - Finish body and separate
Pink - Knit through separation for neck

While knitting is all about finishing things, quilting is all about starting things.  I know I don't need any more new starts, but hey, this are weird times.  A few new starts will not be the end of the world, in perspective.

Be well.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

WFH: Day 2 EOD report

Today went much better.  I felt the groove coming on late yesterday afternoon and then today it was finally in effect.  I can handle working from home for a while.  I got the phone thing figured out on my laptop, using my Jabra (best $75 office gadget I've ever bought!), and had successful meetings, in which I could KNIT.   That was 100% fab.

Got 2 meals on the table for us today, with breakfast being sort of DIY.  The only venturing anyone did today was for Ted to go vote; Renee and I voted last week.  I bet we should probably venture out to get the mail.

I'm slowly doing a set of kitchen cabinets every day, trying to get food put away and also to understand what I have to work with.  That also feels good, to get some needed organization accomplished.  I hope to do one such task a day and really have something to show for my time at home.

Crafty-wise, there was no sewing today, but I did work on Loopy Grad School Sweater #2, now to be called the daffodil sweater.  I'm nowhere near as far as I'd like to be on it, but I have a few milestones / goals in mind.  Sweater #1, called the Tudor Tweed, is at the point where I have to put it on waste yarn, try it on and make some decisions.  I hope to get that done this weekend.

We survived another day.

Monday, March 16, 2020

WFH: Day 1 wrap up

e survived today.  Ted went into work and then was sent home.  Renee slept past noon.  I worked and it was horrible.  I was super-fidgety.  But by the end of the workday, I had a plan set up for the next few days, so hopefully it will be OK.

My guild has just cancelled everything for the next 2 months, including our annual show.  Our guild year ends with the school year, so we are hoping to at least get to hang out for the last meeting before we break for the summer.  The other guild in town is the modern guild, and their calendar runs the calendar year, except for December.  I went to my first meeting in January.  February's meeting was cancelled due to snow (it was a sloppy ride home and Ted described it as one of the worst commutes he's driven).  March was cancelled last week.  We'll take it from there....

I did reorganize one set of cabinets this evening.  A lot of my groceries ended up on the kitchen table, and this week, my goal is to get them all away.  I did stock up on food as I would mid-December, when we are home for 16 days straight.  Then I also bought as if a blizzard was coming.  That means I have planned for a month of meals.  So I have more groceries than normal.

I did sew for 1 hour and 10 minutes today and now I'm off to knit!

WFH: Day 1

Late on Friday, after so very many people left, my employer decided to make  everyone who could work from home do so.  This is not my preferred method of working.  It comes in handy when you need it, but I really prefer to go in.  My commute is short and with my hobbies, home is so tempting.

Anyway, here I am.  I log into the network in about a half hour.

I have made a Plan of the Day (POTD).  3 meals and tea time planned.  Today, Ted is going into work and Renee is still on break, so dinner is the only meal we will have together.  I also have a variety of tasks to do and some crafting. 

Discipline will be key.   We will get through this.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

AOG: 11/28 - 11/30

Yesterday I was thankful for the ability to craft.  I got in a full 4 hours at one crafting station and some more time with the crochet hook.  My crafting list for Christmas doesn't look too bad.

Today I am thankful that it is Saturday.  I kept thinking yesterday was Saturday, so today feels like a bonus!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

AOG: 11/28/19

Hapy Thanksgiving!  Gobble til you wobble!

Today I am thankful for everyone being ready to go on time, for all the food finishing on time for us to go, for my great-niece to be in a great mood today and seeing Kim.

Harleigh was over-tired but very happy.  She interacted with all of us, which is progress.  She doesn't see us that more often, so we let her warm up to us.  We will be seeing her again at Christmas, so we will keep at it.

We had a great time.  We like to say that although we are a small family (only 8 of us), we are strong.