Monday, November 12, 2007

Virtual Retreat Success!

What a great quilty weekend! Stashbusters had a virtual retreat this weekend, and I was participating! I got a lot done for quilting, but not necessarily all at the machine.

The most important achievement of the weekend was that we went through all the Rubbermaid bins in the garage. I thought for sure that nearly all of them were full of crafts. Only 10 of the 30 were and I whipped through those 10 in an hour. Several bins had fabric that I bought 15+ years ago, so I went ahead and donated it all. It was not quilting cotton. One bin had my Looney Tunes fabrics in it and another had a tumbling blocks quilt that I had started, so I put those 2 together in one bin. Another bin was one I packed from my old sewing room and so it was just lost and now it is found. YAY!

There was another bin’s worth of stuff that was other crafts worth saving. Some cross stitch supplies and the hot glue gun and some other stuff, so those things got filed back into my craft supplies elfa shelving unit. And another bin was full of purple fabrics, so now purple has its own milk crate under my sewing table. I also found a ton of orphan blocks, so I added them to the orphan block baggie I’ve started. We’ll see what happens with those blocks. One set of blocks is enough to make a lap quilt I think, so that may be a good piece to practice some FMQ.

So overall, it resulted in 2 bags of donations, 1 bag of garbage, 2 bins of quilting fabric and general peace of mind. I thought for sure that my stash in the garage was far bigger. Now I think I have located all my stash, but I am still missing one project. That is the goal for this week.

I also cut 3 colors for the Dad quilt – brown, pink and purple. I sewed the yellow crayon and started the brown crayon. And I finished the Fayge quilt (while busting a bunch of tivo!).

So we shall see what I get done tonight. More of the brown crayon, and I want to cut yellow, blue and orange for the Dad quilt. And maybe sort the last charity fabrics in the sewing room, but let’s not get greedy.

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