Monday, November 26, 2007

Week 47

Since I was away from the PC for most of the week, I construed my week-end to be on Saturday.

Goals for Week 47 (traveling on holiday):
Tumbleweeds – find!!!
Trifecta - quilted
Pictures into guild for show
GFG – done with goal (6 flowers finished)
Crayon - Cut red crayon, cut brown crayon, cut black crayon
Cut for OK Backroads
Peter/Hunter quilt – progress of some sort

What I got done:

Over the weekend, I cut everything I need (or should need) for 72 Backroads to OK squares. I also cut I don’t know how many pairs of nickels and also cut the red crayon and the black crayon. I also finished sewing the brown crayon. And the patches needed to sew a 4 x 4 disappearing 9 patch have also been cut.

Then I started on the giftie that is due mid-December. I have the ‘top’ done.

The goal of the weekend was to get everything cut so I can power sew on Sunday. We shall see.

During the week in KS, I did finish 3 GFG flowers: red #1, orange #1 and yellow #1. They took a lot longer than I have budgeted.

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JudyL said...

Oh, I like how you've listed your accomplishments by numbering the weeks. Great idea!