Thursday, November 15, 2007

Productivity Continues!

Productivity rolled into Wednesday night as well. I actually got in 2 mini-study sessions for my insurance exams (think boards, etc.) and if I’ve studied, I always feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders for the day. So with 35 minutes of studying under my belt, off I went to sew.

I sewed some more strips on to the brown crayon braid. Dimensions will be huge on this thing, based on my early math, so we shall see. It’s busting a lot of little scraps, but since Becky’s stash came into my stash, I can just whack some strips of her voluminous yardage pieces she sent my way. Oy.

I did finish all the subcutting on the blues and then did the first cuts on the green and started on the red. I also started cutting the 2” strips for the red crayon. The only crayons left are the red and the black, so I am getting there.

I did decide that I will quilt each crayon individually, then add some joining strips and join the crayons together and quilt some sort of cable or something down the join. Since my DSM is just a Janome Gem, there’s only so much it can handle. The stitch I want to use to quilt each braid is on my Kenmore, so once the Janome goes to the doctor for a check up on Saturday, I’ll set up the Kenmore and start on the quilting of the crayons. Not exactly the order I want to do everything in, but I will take what I can get. If I can get one braid all done and joined each week, then I will be finished well before the show.

And then a co-worker at Ted’s work had her baby and it was a boy. I have the Peter quilt nearly done, and frankly, since Peter’s parents have never once contacted me since the move and I only know them through my old work, I am deciding that the Peter quilt will now be the Hudson quilt (yes that is what they named him) and I will endeavor to finish that up tonight and tomorrow on the Gem and then finish the hand sewing this weekend.

So I’m torn. Finish the baby quilt or finish my cutting. I hope to handle both.

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