Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm getting there...

It appears that I am getting the hang of this blogspot thing. Some pieces are far more intuitive than I thought they would be. That helps.

I dropped off my machine at the dealer yesterday morning and asked them to ask the tech if a leader/ender was required to sew on this machine. They were of the "no" school of thought, as am I, but others swear it's required. We shall see what the tech says. Now, I know the machine comes back with a piece of fabric under the foot, but I have always regarded it as proof that the tech tested and reset the tension for the various stitches, not as an endorsement of leaders/enders. Stay tuned.

Yesterday was spend up north doing various things, including celebrating Thanksgiving with my family with BLTs. Don't ask - it works for us! We arrived at my MIL's late in the afternoon and she about gave me the third degree about where we were all day. Um, I have family too? Whatever. Most importantly, she has my dog, and Taffy is going downhill fast. So I said my goodbyes and wished her well at the Rainbow Bridge. I would be surprised if Taffy lasted until year end. She's just really old.

So without a child this morning, Ted and I were befuddled with what to do. I actually finished cutting for the disappearing 9 patch center of my King quilt, and the colored patches for the Dad quilt, and the strips for the red crayon. I then finished sewing the brown crayon and started cutting the black crayon. I am nearing the completion of my cutting goals pre-gobble.

Yes, I did sew. My old Kenmore has weathered the move well. YAY! It will get me through until my Gem is ready.

So off to the basement to do more. I want to finish cutting the black crayon and start cutting the white squares for the Dad quilt and I don't know what else.

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Helen in the UK said...

Congrats on joining the blogging community. You certainly seem to be a prolific stitcher. I'll look forward to following your progress.
(fellow Stashbuster)