Friday, November 16, 2007

Week 46

Goals for week 46:
Finish sorting charity fabrics and all yarns
Fayge – done
Chiclets – done with goal of 12 blocks
Tumbleweeds – find!!!
Batik lover’s – top done
Trifecta - quilted
Pictures into guild for show
Crayons – yellow done
Clean up workspace/garage

What I got done:
Chiclets – all 12 blocks done.
Fayge quilt – 11/11/07 – Done!
Clean up workspace/garage – 11/11/07 – All garage purple bins are done! 10 bins are down to 2, and those 2 are down in the sewing studio.
Crayons – 11/11/07 - yellow done; brown crayon has 50 strips on it! 11/13/07 – another 10 on brown. 11/14/07 – only 16 left, so I sewed on 24(?). 11/15/07 – started cutting red strips.
Dad & King – cut 3 colors – 11/12/07 – started to cut yellow. 11/13/07 – finished cutting yellow, cut orange and started to cut blue (first cuts done, subcuts need to be done). 11/14/07 – First cuts of green all done and red was started as well as the first cuts for the red crayon. 11/15/07 – started cutting red and green into subcuts and then Survivor came on….

I have picked out the fabric for the inner lining of an organizer thing that I am making for my Secret Santa on the Kansas Quilters list. I’ll go to JoAnn’s today to buy zippers and vinyl for the pockets.

So a good week, but not a great week.

Goals for Week 47 (traveling on holiday):
Tumbleweeds – find!!!
Trifecta - quilted
Pictures into guild for show
GFG – done with goal (6 flowers finished)
Crayon - Cut red crayon, cut brown crayon, cut black crayon
Cut for OK Backroads
Peter/Hunter quilt – progress of some sort

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Sweet P said...

Wow! I love how you keep track of your quilting activities by the week. I keep track of mine monthly. Welcome to blogland. You'll love it here.