Friday, November 09, 2007

Week 45 results and Week 46 Goals

Week 45 was interesting. I did get a lot of sewing done at the retreat, but none of that is reflected on here, since I revamped my list post-retreat.

Crayons – yellow done
Chiclets – do some more blocks (I hate this one and will be very glad to get this over with and stick it back in its hidey hole!)
Sort charity fabrics
Fayge quilt – attach binding for handsewing
Trifecta – sandwiched
Clean up workspace

What I got done:
Chiclets – 1 side on the 12 blocks.
Fayge quilt – 11/08/07 – binding attached and one side whipped down during Survivor
Clean up workspace – 11/06/07 – 3 hours! 11/07/07 – 3 hours!

Goals for week 46:
Finish sorting charity fabrics and all yarns
Fayge – done
Chiclets – done with goal of 12 blocks
Tumbleweeds – find!!!
Batik lover’s – top done
Trifecta - quilted
Pictures into guild for show
Crayons – yellow done
Clean up workspace/garage

We shall see how week 46 goes. I have insurance exams to study for, and that just has to happen.

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