Thursday, November 08, 2007

List through the Guild Show

Well, I’ve had this blogspot account reserved for quite some time, as it matches my LiveJournal account. I rather like my user name, so I’m fussy about keeping it. Kinda like Bonnie Hunter and Quiltville. My goal of this blog is to journal my quilting (my LiveJournal account handles everything else, and in that one, I swear like a sailor, so be warned if you go over there!). I love to quilt and have been at it for 20 years, making my first quilt at age 16.

To get this blog going, I’m going to list my goals between now and the end of the year. I decided to start journaling my quilting by week a few months ago. The week starts when my work week ends. If I’m done at noon on Friday, well then, that’s when the week starts. The week ends when I arrive at work on that last day of my work week. Typically the week ends on Friday morning and then the new one starts on Friday afternoon.

My list below contains all things that I want to finish by my guild’s show in early March. Fat chance, I know, but if I do not dream, I will never get anywhere. This does keep me on some level of task to get things done. I want to hang 3 quilts in the show and they are all on this list. If they are the only 3 things I get done, well, then it’s a success.

So without further adieu, the full list of everything I wrote down, just free form. I will put down some goals between now and year end and see where we are by then. Yes, it’s a lot of projects, but what can I say?

Batik lover’s – top done
Tumbleweeds - find
Crayons – top done
Fence rail/LCRR – top done, back done (both are quilts – it’s reversible)
Snowmen – sandwiched
Snow accessories - done
Peter quilt - done
Fayge quilt - done
Jackson quilt - done
Lasagna - done
Lasagna - done
St. Pat’s – find
St. Pat’s accessories - find
OK backroads - done
Charity LCRR 1 - done
Charity LCRR 2 - started
Charity LCRR 3 - nothing – blocks done
Shower curtain - done
Super Secret Quilt - designed
GFG – 6 flowers done
Denim – started
Strings – 100 blocks done
Gifties – need 10 – 1 has to be done by Dec 15, so 1 done. Blocks done for all, supplies purchased for all.
Silent auction item – aiming for St. Pat’s table runner, so need to find St. Pat’s stuff
Chiclets – 12 blocks done
QFAH batik quilt – through hour 10
Pink & Yellow LCRR – top done
Trifecta - done
Bedroom quilt – top done

So now by week:
Crayons – yellow done
Chiclets – do some more blocks (I hate this one and will be very glad to get this over with and stick it back in its hidey hole!)
Sort charity fabrics
Fayge quilt – attach binding for handsewing
Trifecta – sandwiched
Clean up workspace – 11/06/07 – 3 hours! 11/07/07 – 3 hours!

Finish sorting charity fabrics and all yarns
Fayge – done
Chiclets – done with goal (I really hate this one, can’t you tell?!?!)
Tumbleweeds – find!!!
Batik lover’s – top done
Trifecta - quilted
Pictures into guild for show

GFG – done with goal
Crayon - Cut red crayon, cut brown crayon, cut black crayon
Cut for OK backroads
Trifecta -done
(traveling on holiday)

OK, back to work!

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