Friday, December 14, 2007

Week 50

Goals for Week 50:
Peter/Hunter quilt – progress of some sort
Trifecta – quilted (or at least started…)
Crayon – red crayon done
Giftie – progress
Coasters giftie – done
Dad – progress
Tumbleweeds – find!!!
Pictures into guild for show
LCRR – final strips for final block set

(Please note that this is the same dang list!!!)

Oh, and a gaudy sweatshirt for Chad at work. Oh boy!!!

What I got done:

Friday night – I started after the eye appointment debacle. I got started on the LCRR blocks and kept plugging away on the Dad quilt blocks. I also started 4 broken dishes blocks. What I did notice was that the safety on my rotary cutter kept giving out, thus making it unsafe to sew with. And so I had to run out on Saturday for a new one.

Saturday – What a day to sew! When we got home after the ice storm started, I was off to the sewing room. I was able to finish 4 more broken dishes blocks and 2 dozen of the Dad quilt blocks. Before we went out, I did finish the LCRR blocks. So once all of these things were done, I decided we needed a tree skirt. So I took out my blue and white snowflake fabric scrap stash and cut strips ranging from 1” to 3” (1/2” intervals) and did the stitch and flip method of QAYG. The skirt finished at 40” round. The new rotary cutter is fantastic!

Sunday – While watching 4 hours of Project Runway on the tivo, I got the entire tree skirt bound. It is beautiful and set up under our new 4 foot pre-lit tree. Of course, 5 hours later, I found my tub of Christmas fabrics intermixed with the Christmas décor boxes. While I didn’t sew any more on Sunday after 12 noon, I did indeed find the Xmas fabs and put them where they belonged, and went through and donated/threw out 2 footlockers and 1 more box full of fabrics. So while not a lot of sewing per se, I busted a ton of junk, which feels far better. Very little went down into the sewing room.

And the Chad sweatshirt is designed.

Monday – Let’s see. I sewed for a while on the Dad quilt, but didn’t get too far. I cleaned up some of the sewing space, which was required. I also started 2 more broken dishes blocks. I know I sewed for like 1.5 hours, but it doesn’t feel like I got a lot done. Hmmm…..

Tuesday – Got all 4 fussy cut items on the Chad sweatshirt and also sewed 20 more Dad blocks. The remaining 28 are at the point where construction will be easy.

Wednesday – Only fabric painting on the Chad sweatshirt.

Thursday – The Chad sweatshirt is done, bows and all.

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JudyL said...

I want to see the Chad sweatshirt! :)