Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Carolina Crossroads Update

OK, OK, I missed Sunday to update. Sorry. Shoot me – I was a quilter on a mission to finish a gift. Gift accomplished and given. Dad loves it and is amazed that BOTH of his daughters made it.

I did ask my sister what other colors besides purple that she would want. She started with teal and then I explained I had no teal in my stash and she had to work within what I have. I suggested green, and even after explaining that not every green may go with every purple, she was game. So the conversion chart is:

Bonnie’s red = Kim’s purple = my pink
Bonnie’s blue = Kim’s green = my brown
Bonnie’s tan = Kim’s cream = my cream

I may need to buy a bit of fabric here and there to round out both the cream selection and the brown selection, but we shall see.

My sister does not handle angles well, so clue 4 is going to require some serious coaching on my part. Thank God she’s not doing the cutting. That would escape her altogether.

The goal is to cut on New Year’s Day during the various aspects of the Rose Bowl.

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Helen in the UK said...

Look forward to seeing your mystery begin now you've decided on both sets of colours. I'm nervous about step 4 ... but I'm sure I can do it if I take it slowly and carefully :)