Sunday, December 16, 2007

CC update

As requested, this is my Carolina Crossroads weekly check in. I am still trying to figure out my 3 colors for my sister and then I decided (oh, hell's bells) that I'd do one too.

My goal is to send my sister each clue all prepared and cut and all she has to do is sew it. She has no stash and I have way too much. She is game. All I know for sure is that her accent color (Bonnie's red) will be purple.

My quilt is another story. I want to do pinks, browns and creams. But I do not know if I have enough of all 3 of those colors.

Stay tuned.


Tracy said...

I love the idea of pink, brown, and cream together. I didn't have enough fabric myself. I cut what I had and when it was almost gone I went shopping. Thankfully there was a sale!

What a sweet idea to cut and provide fabric for your sister. Scrappy always looks good with purple, so does yellow.

Sweet P said...

How cool to provide fabric for your sister to make the quilt. Like Tracy I think pink, brown and cream will look good together.

Helen in the UK said...

I'm doing pink/brown/cream and I'm loving how it is coming together so far. What a great idea to provide you sister with a 'kit' for the mystery as it unfolds :)