Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday Musings (or is that Monday Musings?)

As I mentioned yesterday, I went through 2 footlockers and 2 bins/boxes of fabrics. It was FANTASTIC to get rid of so much stuff. I kept only quilty fabric (except from the from-Scotland Tartan plaid) and flung the rest. However, whatever I did keep and whatever I plan on donating made its way into the basement.

So now I am starting to dig out the sewing area once again. This seems to be a fortnightly event. However, this does mean that more things are being unearthed, more is being flung and I am able to assess the true size of my stash and my UFOs. Hopefully tonight I will be able to take one of the empty large banker’s boxes and go through the charity box and repack it neatly into the banker’s box. My guild does want me to cull out anything that they may enjoy. I really don’t think that there will be that much, but I will go through it and see.

I also need to do the Chad sweatshirt. I need to do one side tonight so the fabric paint can dry and then the other side tomorrow night. He will wear it on Friday, so I need to get it done. This will be a hoot.

I did make some progress on the Dad quilt, but I realized that I am nearly out of bricks. I decided to make half of the bricks uphill units and the other half downhill units (well, duh), but since each fabric usually had a pair of bricks, I put one brick in the Dad quilt pile and the other brick in the King scrappy quilt pile. So I have been double sewing, but I’m glad that I did. I will be able to just use some bricks from the King pile to finish off the Dad quilt. The amount of bricks that I have left to sew is small (maybe 36) and they will all be uphill units. And to top it off, I am double sewing each unit to get the bonus HSTs as well. So lots and lots of sewing to get these dang units!

Christmas is 2 weeks from today. I will make it with the Dad quilt, no problem. I have to finish 2 coasters, 1 roll up thing and 2 ornaments by Friday, plus the Chad sweatshirt by Friday. That is the more critical deadline at this point.

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