Wednesday, December 19, 2007

gift completed

Again, no progress. But there was sorta progress, really.

I did finish my organizer roll up thingy and filled it will all good quilty things and have it all ready to go to KS. And promptly left it at home this morning. So I will take it to mail this evening. the cover of the organizer is 3 stars made with Judy's tri-recs lessons. The inside has 5 zippered pouches and I will never sew with vinyl again after this disaster.

The pouches contained quilty goodness. 6 FQs - 3 pink, 3 brown (her colors), a box of flower head pins, a folding seam ripper, an add-a-quarter, a lint brush for the machine, a 1 x 6 mini omnigrid ruler and one of those little cut on one side, press on the other side thingys (I bought one for me too!). So that's a lot of quilty goodness. Plus the sewing Hallmark ornament for this year. I hope she likes her gift.

And that was the extent of the sewing yesterday. My next really big deadline is the Christmas itself. I need to finish the Dad quilt, which is at the completed blocks stage. Time to power-sew.

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Sweet P said...

Your sewing thingy sounds like a wonderful gift. I'm afraid to sew vinyl so I'll heed your warning and avoid it.