Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Brick Free!!!!

The Chad sweatshirt is turning out really cutesy, which is just sick and wrong and wonderful. It’s now making the rounds of the floor about this event. People are bringing in cameras.

I did get more done on the Dad blocks. All the uphill and downhill units are done; I’m brick free! So whatever I need to steal from the extra units stacks to finish this quilt, I will. It’s going to be about 3 dozen units of each type. That will still leave me like 150 units total for the King quilt, so hey, it’s still a good deal in my book.

I did also watch the 2 part episode of Grey’s Anatomy and the other one on the tivo was a rerun, so I busted 3 hours of tivo stash, which also a good thing.

Tonight I hope to handle some Xmas errands with DD for DH while he is working reference (it’s finals week – all hands on deck!), so the sewing portion will most likely just be the Chad sweatshirt and a coaster for DH’s secret santa at work.

I was going to run up to guild tomorrow night, but going 120 miles in this weather, abated as it is, still doesn’t strike me as fun. It has to be a really compelling reason to go, and the meeting is not compelling enough.

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