Friday, December 07, 2007

Week 49

Goals for Week 49:
Peter/Hunter quilt – progress of some sort
Trifecta – quilted (or at least started…)
Crayon – red crayon done
Giftie – progress
Coasters giftie – done
Dad – progress
Tumbleweeds – find!!!
Pictures into guild for show
LCRR – final strips for final block set

What I got done:
Friday – 11/30/07 - I bought fabric for the last LCRR I ever plan on doing in my life and also thread to quilt the snow coasters and the Trifecta quilt. I also bought a SideWinder, which I didn’t think I needed and then my bobbin winder broke.

Saturday and Sunday – Kim and I really made some serious headway into the Dad quilt. She made the 72 center 4 patches and also started to attach white squares to downhill HST bricks. That was a huge help. I started making the uphill bricks and worked on the LCRR.

Monday – I crashed, man. Sleep. Zzzzzzzz…..

Tuesday – No quilting here because DD had her little winter program at school. It was so cute to see 200 kindergarteners and first graders singing their little hearts out!

Wednesday – I decided to move my insurance exam by one month and I am so relieved! However, still no sewing last night, as I made cookies instead, plus did some laundry, helped DD with homework and those types of things. Plus volunteering at the school. Thursday’s goal is 4 inches of snow and a lot of piecing!

Thursday – I finally made it down to the sewing room! I got lots of progress made on probably all the wrong things! I worked on more coasters. I really just need one for the giftie, but I want all of those bonus HST’s sewn up and handled. I was able to get all of them pressed and sorted into stacks, so I have 15 more coasters to go. I am making little broken dishes blocks. I’ve decided (because I am BRILLANT!!!!) to use 18 of them as the squares in the January Quilted Table runner of the month. I have some bright blue snowflake fabric I can use for the rectangles and one or two white snowflake FQ’s (or maybe some scraps) for the stars. Yay!

And then I kept on sewing on the Dad quilt. Kim got the 4 patches done, so I started adding a side pice to a bunch of them. I also kept making uphill units and working on sewing the corner squares to the top and bottom row units, which use the downhill units I already have made.

No LCRR progress. Must finish tonight and mail tomorrow before the bad weather comes.

Snow clocked in at about 2 inches.

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