Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Does this count?

I cleaned up my sewing space last night. The cutting board, the machine, the ironing board and all the little places I leave stuff all over the room are all now tidy. I realized I was avoiding sewing and even going into the basement (my sewing room is in our fully finished basement, which is also our family room) because of the mess.

So I stopped worrying about cutting up scraps and just cleaned everything up. Some of it was not so elegant (shove pieces-parts of projects into a really big banker’s box so that least the nuttiness is together), but all the surfaces are clean and dusted. I can start anew.

I am also very excited to read that it will be a full 2 weeks before another clue is posted. I’m nowhere near ready to start sewing, plus I need to cut Kim’s out at the same time. Plus I have 2 tests and one presentation in the next 3 weeks from today, so I pace myself. Grad school continues to kick my butt, but there are only 6 more weeks and then 14 glorious weeks of summertime.

But at least I can set foot in my sewing area again!

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