Friday, March 28, 2008


OMG are we all just over the top with the craving of the CRUSH? I cannot wait for this new mystery! I’ve decided on some color schemes and some sewing methodologies. Here are my ramblings.

I’ve been attempting to cut scraps for a while now, but grad school is getting in the way. I have been cutting for the CC, the OC and Boxy Stars (I like Bonnie quilts – can’t you tell?!?!?). I am definitely using a bright pink batik for the main color (the red) in the CC, so I can’t make a Strawberry Crush. I’m liking the idea of a Orange Crush, as Nancy Mac in IL has reminded us all that U of I’s student cheering section is the Orange Crush (it’s also the name of the Palumbo company after the trouble settled, for those of you in Chicago who know that the Earth Moves with Palumbo). I was planning to send mystery packs to my sister Kim for CC, but I’m thinking she needs a Grape Crush, as she is a huge purple person. So…

My CC colors are scrappy, light creams and pink batik.
My OC colors are orange, purple, red and blue for the accent (just like Bonnie, but purple for black). White will be my light. (Can’t be a dreamsicle with cream….)
Kim’s OC colors should be purple, red, green and yellow for the accent. White will be her light.

I have not had time to shop the stash. Ted is traveling next week, so I am trying to get as much homework done as possible while he’s around to attend to DD, so that when he’s gone, DD and I can hang out. I will be sewing (more like cutting) and she will be doing whatever 7 year olds do!

I hope to shop the stash tonight. I am fairly certain that any orange that I may have it not a lot and not to my liking. I mean, I like it, but it’s from Becky, and I don’t love it, in the OMG I must buy that love it sense. I hope I have enough purple. So overall, I’m thinking of some Moda marbles for the purple and the orange. The rest should be scraps.

So bring on April 1!

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