Monday, March 24, 2008

low key weekend

Quilting this weekend was nearly non-existent. I did get all the scraps in the living and the kitchen sorted through and piled up on a cutting mat on the kitchen table, ready to be cut. Does that count?

It really just has come down to class being in the way. I had class Wed and Thurs night, so those 2 days were shot. Friday I did go into the basement and cut up some more scraps and make sense of more of my cutting table, but it’s never enough!

Saturday was spent cleaning house. Ugh, a nasty task, but someone has to do it, along with homework. Yesterday was also spent cleaning and doing homework, but I did spend like 45 minutes making hourglass blocks from a baggie of HSTs that I found. My goal is a table topper for a really smaller dresser that we have (14” x 20” for the top).

Tonight is the ISU game in the NIT and then tomorrow I can hopefully continue on the sewing path.

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