Thursday, March 13, 2008

No update yesterday; I give you 3 little words – blind puking migraine. I spent the entire day in fetal position in a dark room. It was really bad. So bad that my husband asked me 4 times if I was pregnant. Now that’s bad.

I did finish the bargello top and also got the whole thing sandwiches Tuesday night. I tried a new method of sandwiching; I put the top on the batting, trimmed the batting down to a reasonable amount all around and then added the backing to the sandwich. This seemed to work much better, as I already knew the top was smooth and fit the batting. So then the only goal when I turned the sandwich over was to cover all the batting with backing and smooth it out. Don’t ask me why, but it worked.

So last night’s goal was to quilt the thing. I only plan on doing diagonal lines every other square, but I only got 5 lines sewn before I had to go back and lie down. It was truly horrible. I hope to quilt like mad tonight and get the binding on, and then if I am certain I can finish up Friday night, I will email my co-worker tomorrow and ask her where I can drop off the donation item Saturday morning. It turned out really cute. It is truly a pattern that is as easy as Bonnie says and it’s one you can do during the work week if you’re diligent. So I’ll definitely be cutting some 2.5 strips too, if I ever get to cutting!

OK, back to work…

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