Sunday, April 13, 2008

A great Saturday

Yesterday’s quilting went pretty well. I got as far as I could on my OC. Since I want to be scrappy, I have to wait for other milk crates to be done. So 75 4 patches are done and 75 2 patches are done.

All the 2” P&P are sewn.

20 step 1 blocks are done for the CC.

I started the 20 step 2 blocks for CC and the red pinwheels for P&P. Everything is in the process of assembly, but my back gave out at like 8:30, so I went ahead and stopped for the evening.

My SIL and I mis-communicated about the date for her son’s communion. It was Saturday and I had emailed her to confirm it was Sunday and she did indeed confirm it was Sunday. So now that we’ve missed it, I’m home all today too. So after I go count cash at church all morning, I can come home and sew.

Today’s goals include Sonya’s heart block, finishing the 20 step 2 blocks, finishing the red pinwheels and cutting the purple HSTs for the purple pinwheels. Next goals would be prepping the GFG hexes and the 6 Chiclets blocks.

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