Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend update

Well, it was a pretty productive sewing weekend! Since I cancelled the evil dentist appointment, I had a free bonus weekend. No homework, no dental pain. Well technically I had homework, but I did it all Friday night so it would be out of the way.

I did plan my herb garden in little window boxes that hang over my deck. Of course, tonight is going to be like 30, so I need to bring them in tonight.

On to quilting. I worked toward my mini-goal and actually finished the red mat. Of course, it doesn’t have a label yet; I’m waiting until I have enough finished to warrant using a whole sheet of Printed Treasures. I’m loving Nann’s idea of using a label size from Avery and making the labels that way. So one finish down, and 7 to go.

I also finished the purple pinwheels, which made 25 pinwheels, which is 100 HSTs, which is 200 triangles cut with that EZ angle. I can vouch for the EZ angle. Again, these are for the P&P I’m making for a wedding gift in June.

Nothing else was outstanding from the last milk crate, so I could cross that off the list.

I did quilt Sheri’s quilt in full. Now I need to take out the safety pins, trim the threads, square it up and attach the binding so I can hand whip it down this week. This needs to be in the mail on Saturday.

I hauled some serious butt on the GFG as well. My goal was organization, which was to be to get one flower completely pinned to the hexagons and figure out from the existing partially constructed flowers what I could work on. My goal is one flower per month and 2 hours on the existing mess, so that slowly I can get some stuff done. Once I get 7 flowers all done, I will join them together. I have 3 flowers done.

So during the evening last night, I watched some Star Wars on Spike with DD, and sewed 3 hexes and folded 10 items and did that for 2 hours. All the folding got done and 18 hexes got done, so it was rather productive.

I have an entire laundry basket full of paperwork to go through, so no doubt that will be tonight’s goal. From a sewing point of view, I’m aiming to de-pin and thread trim Sheri’s quilt, do more hexes and find the backing I want to use up for the Brownies quilt. I need to measure it and then lay out the girls’ blocks and see what comes to me.

So what’s left:
Brownies quilt all done
Sheri’s quilt all done
1 bag for work quilts
18 Chiclets blocks

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