Saturday, April 12, 2008

Successful Friday

What a good kickoff to Week 15.

I came home at like 3:30, and started cutting the next milk crate, which is full of reds and purples. It took 1 hour to cut up the crate and another 1 each for the scrap bags, for a total of like 3 hours of cutting. That was hard on the back.

However, I had a lot to show for it, which is great. My 2.5” strip bag is 100% full, so it will be time to start another bag. I didn’t even cut any of these – I just took them out of the scrap bags. I already sewed all the 2” strips together for the P&P, but I did not worry about making any strip sets of 4 strips or any sub cutting. The 3.5” strips are half done. I sub cut all the red strips with the WOC strips with my EZ angle. Those are for the P&P pinwheels.

Today’s goals are prepping the GFG hexes for tomorrow’s road trip, sewing all of the pinwheels together, 20 step 1 and step 2 CC blocks and some 4 patches for the OC. OMG, I will be sewing all day. The weather’s due to be crappy, so that’s OK, but I do need to do some housework and homework too.

Well, off I go! Oh, and we bought a dishwasher last night too.

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