Monday, April 07, 2008

Successful Sunday

What a great Sunday! More fantastic sewing got done.

I did go through the green Ziploc of scraps and half the bag was 2.5" strips, 2" strips or bindings. So I put all of those things in their home, leaving just the scraps.

I also handled all the 3.5" strips that I cut for the Patches and Pinwheels (P&P). I ran out of cut lights, so the remaining green strips were put into a newly created 3.5" strips Ziploc. Overall, I made 11 A pinwheels and 12 B pinwheels (they spin different ways) in green. That’s like nearly 100 HSTs.

I did also sew the 2" strips together greens and lights for P&P.

I unsewed the bad row on the little red mat and resewed it. So now it’s a teeny topper that needs some borders, etc.

Kim’s kit is ready, except for instructions.

Tomorrow’s goal will be to get Kim’s pack ready for mailing, and the 6 Chiclets. Bonus would be to start to finish the Sheri quilt. I do have a Tupperware party to attend.

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