Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Plumbing Problems

Those 2 words strike terror in the heart. DD astutely caught the drip into the basement and Ted undid the dishwasher and found the leaky value. So now I await the plumber’s phone call so I can leave work and head home.

On a related note, we are trying to plan a large vacation and I have extensive dental work planned and now this. The Lord provides; the Discover Card people raised our limit by $2000 last week. While I don’t like to use credit, I am OK with it for these types of things. I have a hard time planning for the vacation without having all the money in hand right now to pay for all the pieces.

And on top of this all, I got either a migraine or a sinus headache last night. No sewing got done, but nothing else was urgent, so I was a slug and was OK with it.

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