Friday, January 27, 2012

quick update

A quick update as we head into the last weekend of the month….

I was attacked by diverticulitis this week. It was really bad. Bad bad bad. So that seriously cramped my productivity. However, somehow, some way, I was able to finish quilting all the white thread items on 5d Watermelon Slice. This did make my day. I did handle it about 15 minutes at a time with 45 minutes of rest in between each session, and I did this over 3 or 4 days. But I got them all done, and the machine is now rethreaded for the pink rectangles. Since I’m not 100% yet, I plan on doing 15 minutes at a time for them as well, and should finish with ease this weekend. Since the binding is already on the quilt, I did take some time as well whilst being infirmed and worked on that as well. I would say it’s 40% stitched down. Overall, the goal is to complete the quilt this weekend. This is completely do-able and I’m so happy to have a finish of this size! It has been a long time!

As far as everything else goes, I’m going to clean up my basement sewing space and pack up the rest of January. While I didn’t hit every goal, I got a lot farther than if I hadn’t made any goals at all. So I’m judging the month (in advance) as a success. I’ll still make 5b out as a leader-ender project and get that cut up and prepped and next to my machine while I clean up my space. While I’ve occupied my kitchen table for quilting this big quilt, the mess that is sewing has taken over my main floor, so while I finish 5d Watermelon Slice, I will clean up the downstairs space and prepare it for the machine to return. Then once the machine is returned, I will clean up the main floor as if no sewing went on. It was an experiment and a very successful one, so I will do it again as needed.

Here’s hoping for a restful and productive weekend.

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