Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012 UFOs - January is #5 - week 1

So Judy picked the UFO number on Sunday (OMG, I was stalking for this number on Sunday!) and she picked 5. So let’s take a look at the 5 box, plus the bonuses plus the homework.

Box 5

5a Snowmen – I swapped 12” snowmen blocks a while ago and also some snow FQs. Status: Flimsy.
5b Australia FQs – I received these in a secret santa type box and I need to finish this project and donate it. Status: In pieces.
5c Bricks & Stepping Stones – I started these blocks trying to make 10 per color of Judy Laquidara’s 2011 Monochromatic challenge. Status: Some blocks completed.
5d Watermelon – A Dorothy Young pattern. Status: Sandwiched.


12 Chiclets blocks
4 Old Navy Flag shirts
8 String QAYG blocks

Bonus UFOs

25 Orca Bay – The Bonnie Hunter 2011 Christmas mystery. Status: In pieces.
26 Jeanne’s Diamonds – The Dorothy Young 2011 Christmas mystery. Status: In pieces.

So from all of this, I need 2 finishes for January. Here are my goals for this week on this box. I hesitate to talk about the whole month, so let’s just start with the week.

5a Nothing.
5b I think I know what I want to do. So I will pull everything together and let it sit there for a while and let it percolate.
5c I want to make 60 black and white 4 patches and look up the colors that were 7-12.
5d Pull it out of the closet and study it. Start quilting on it and be ¼ of the way done with the quilting.

Complete the 8 string QAYG blocks.
Cut 2.5” strips for Chiclets blocks. I have a bunch of fabric lying around and so while I put it all away, I’ll just cut a strip from each one.
Nothing on the Old Navy shirts.

For Orca Bay , I will assemble a little row and a star row. I’m starting at the bottom.
For Jeanne’s Diamonds, I will put the rows together, which will leave me with a completed top without borders.

Additionally I made a mini of Jeanne’s Diamonds and that is sandwiched. I’d like to quilt it by Thursday night and bind it in the car over the weekend, as we are travelling north.

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