Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 UFOs - January is #5 - week 3 wrap up

Week 3 of the month. What can I say? 10 days with no post - sorry

I went ahead and occupied my kitchen table. I did start quilting 5d Watermelon Slice, which I am declaring as the #5 UFO for Judy’s challenge. I want to quilt the top in 3 different colors of thread – green, white and fuchsia. The green is all done and was by far the largest amount of quilting needed. Since it also included the borders, I went ahead and trimmed the quilt down, thus removing a foot of bulk on each side, and added the binding. Only 100 inches of the binding was made, so I had to make more first – grrr. But now since the binding is on, I can sew binding down during the 10pm news, which isn’t all bad. My goal is to finish by this weekend and since I am #12 on the list, I best hurry.

I did go ahead and sort out all of the Old Navy shirts. I washed them and started cutting. Cutting is a more arduous task than I thought, as I am cutting the rest of the shirts into strips for a crochet project. (Yes, I’m nuts.) So with about 8 or 9 days to go, this is where I hope I end up.

5a Remains untouched and that’s OK.
5b I had hoped to finish this one, but it’s not going to happen. I plan on leaving it out as a leader-ender project.
5c I wanted all blocks done, but about half will be. That’s still better than where we were.
5d Done done.

The 8 QAYG string blocks are done.
The 12 Chiclet blocks are started but will not be done.
The 4 Old Navy shirts will be cut and have interfacing on them.

I have 1 little row and one star row done on Orca Bay . I will not be as far as I want to be.
I have not done anything more on Jeanne’s Diamonds.

I did finish the Anita’s Arrowhead baby quilt for my husband’s co-worker. That used up 3.06 yards of stash.

New totals: 3.60 yards used. 0 for UFOs. 3.60 yards YTD.

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