Friday, January 06, 2012

Mid-week Update

This is what I got done on Wednesday, while recovering from a migraine...

5b I took the fabrics out of the box and realized that there are 7 of them and they are at least FQ size if not bigger. I’ve decided to do Bonnie’s Streak of Sunshine with them in as large of a size as the fabrics will permit.

5c I found the list of 2011 colors from Judy. I then took some inventory of what I had done. And I made 20 4-patches.

I started to sew a string block to use up a spool that was just about done.

I did sew together one little row and one star row for Orca Bay .

I did assemble the blocks for Jeanne’s Diamonds.

This is what I got done last night...

I cut a whole bunch of strips for the Chiclets blocks. And then collapsed for the exhaustion of a 2 day migraine.

I'm out of pocket Friday afternoon to Saturday night, so here's hoping for a big quilty Sunday.

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