Friday, February 03, 2012

2012 UFOs - February is #1 - plan of attack

So February is UFO #1. Yummy! Here’s what’s in box # 1 .

Box 1

1a Thimbles BOM – A BOM, with an extra block made so I can set on point. Civil War fabrics. Status: Blocks completed.
1b Christmas 2 BOM – I took the instructions for 2 different BOMs I was in and made another block in Christmas fabrics. I need to make the 25th block and set them on point. Status: Most blocks completed.
1c Seaside Rose Sweatshirt – A jacket covered in the Seaside Rose line, with the jacket coming from a sweatshirt. Status: In pieces.
1d Red Strings – Red string blocks and die-cut hearts come together for a cuddle quilt. Status: In pieces.

For 1a, Thimbles is the name of the shop where the BOM came from. I love this BOM. Love. Covet. This one is mine. So this is the one that I will finish this month.

For 1b, I will work on getting it to a flimsy.

For 1c, I don’t plan on doing anything.

For 1d, I’ll take it out and let it percolate. If nothing happens, it’s OK.


8 QAYG blocks
12 Chiclets blocks
4 Old Navy shirts

Bonus UFOs

A quarter section of Orca Bay
Completed top for Jeanne’s Diamonds

Catch-Up – now I am behind in my goals (stupid diverticulitis!), but here’s how I can catch up. I can do all or nothing or just one or two.

For the 12 Chiclets blocks, I can get all the centers done for the 12 I missed.
For the 4 Old Navy shirts, I can just do some extra this month.
For Orca Bay , I can get another quarter section together as a flimsy, so to speak.
For Jeanne’s Diamonds, I can finish it.
For 11b, I can get it to a flimsy.

I know I am trying for 2 UFOs a month and in some months I need to complete 3. Right now, I will get 1a done. If I could get any of the following also done that would be good. Two of them would be great. In contention: 1b, Jeanne’s Diamonds, 11b.

Let’s see where this goes….

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