Monday, February 20, 2012

Current Status

OK, it’s been a few weeks since I posted and I need to catch up on things. So I’m aiming for one post per day until I get reasonably caught up.

February quilting is not going in any way like I had planned and that is fine! I’ve been working a lot on the homework things. For example, I did get 12 Chiclets blocks done, plus I did the centers for the 12 I am behind. I did get 6 Old Navy t-shirts done. I also completed the top on 11b Australia fabrics, and pieced the backing.

I actually went ahead and ordered the sweatshirt for 1c the Seaside Rose sweatshirt. Last night I cut it apart and made the center front cut. I also started putting fabric down on the jacket. I decided somewhere during the month that this UFO would actually be the easiest to complete, so I went ahead and decided to work on it.

So where do I stand with 9 days left in the month? Pretty good. I know I overplan, but that’s OK. It gives me the variety I crave and the ability to get some things done. I haven’t planned all the way through the month-end, but I have planned for this week. Tonight’s goal is to finish one half of 1c Seaside Rose sweatshirt’s body and to sandwich the 11b Australia fabrics quilt. Then Tuesday through Thursday are finishing the sweatshirt pieces and quilting the quilt. Friday is assembly and binding attachment night for both items. I haven’t done a set-in sleeve in quite a while, so this should be interesting. If I make to this point, both UFOs will only have handwork left, and that is for Tivo time!

The other things I know I want to work on are the 8 QAYG blocks, Orca Bay and 1b Christmas 2 BOM. I envision that 1b Christmas 2 BOM is the UFO I will carry into March. At any rate, it seems like I am on pace to complete 2 UFOs this month, and that is good.

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