Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012 UFOs - March is #8 - Plan of Attack

Oh, oh, oh, Judy released the number a day early! Yippee!!!

This month’s number is 8, which when you do 8 – 6, gives me 2 as the box number. Let us take a look at what’s in Box # 2 .

Box 2

2a Chiclets Table Runner – I made a 4 block rectangular runner that I want to hang on my cube wall. Status: Flimsy.
2b Huge Fence Rail – I made a bunch of these fence rail blocks which are only 3 rails each, but the rails are each 3.5 inches. I want to make this into a quilt and donate it onward. Status: Most blocks completed.
2c 16 String Blocks – Just like it sounds, I have 16 string blocks done. I want to make some more, make a quilt and donate it onward. Status: Most blocks completed.
2d Yellow LCRR – I made this for my DD. Status: Blocks completed.

Since March is going to be a crazy month in my life, I’m definitely going with 2a Chiclets Table Runner as my UFO to complete. I also want to hang it in my cube at work.

As for the other UFOs, I’m not so sure. I know I plan to finish 11b Australia fabrics in March. Maybe I will take a look at 2b Huge Fence Rails to see what’s involved.

Homework goals:

24 Chiclets blocks done
6 Old Navy shirts done
16 QAYG blocks done

Bonus UFO goals:

Top pieced for Orca Bay . I need all of those little pieces out of my life.
Top complete for Jeanne’s Diamonds

Carryover UFO goals:

Finish 11b
Top complete for 1b Christmas 2 BOM

New Project goals:

Pattern done and fabrics bought for Brett and Amy’s quilt
Start cutting and L&E for BRB in blue for Mary

I have no idea how this is all going to get done, and most likely only half of it will, but that’s OK. It’s good to dream.

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