Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sickness Sucks

Well, it's been fun since my last post.

My tooth pain has been moving around into my gums, but it has also started to subside, as the anitbiotics have kicked in. So that my portion of the weekend.

However, Renee has the worst time of it. By Thursday at 4pm, she had over a 100 degree fever and she had that seal bark of a cough. After many harrowing incidents this weekend, including getting all dressed to head to the ER, her bronchitis has subsided and her fever has broken. Like it or not, she returns to school tomorrow.

Meanwhile, her parents are exhausted. It's been non stop laundry, cleaning and disinfecting. We've also been sleeping a lot - all 3 of us.

On a quilty note, the 2 curtain panels are DONE. 11.02 yards busted from stash! YAY!

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