Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Today is yet another day in tooth purgatory. Today my sister told me that her two front teeth (one of the front ones and the one to the side) are definitely dead after the she fell and faceplanted in July on her hardwood kitchen floor. My tooth is giving me a dull ache. I’m on Aleve and antibiotics. Such is life. She and I are singlehandedly putting endodontists’ children through college.

Last night, our local Schlotzsky’s hosted our Brownies troop – all 22 girls and the 4 moms. They really understood how to give a tour and we all made our own pizzas. It was a wonderful way to get dinner, have the troop do some fun activities and for everyone to socialize. Not everyone is willing to take a troop as large as ours, but they did it right.

Ted’s gone on another business trip today, so it’s girl power over at my house. Tonight we have a riveting installment of Market Day pickup and then we are coming home to pork chops in the crock pot. It’s nice to know that one aspect of my life is under control and that is making dinner.

I haven’t done any more quilting since I finished the binding on the curtain panels. (They are neatly folding, waiting in the living room to be hung up.) I have, however, kept my main floor clean, which has brought me much peace in this time of inner tumult.

Maybe I’ll work on my denim quilt. Cutting circles out of jeans may be about my speed for a while.

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