Thursday, October 29, 2009


I really hate tooth pain. HATE HATE HATE.

I have 5 bad teeth from childhood. Don’t ask about they whys and wherefores – just trust me that I have problems to fix from my childhood regarding my teeth.

Teeth 1 and 2 cost me a small fortune and are fine. They were in the upper left back part of my mouth. $3,000, including 4 sedations. Yes, my childhood dental experiences now require that I have sedation. These teeth were done in 2008.

Tooth 3 was done this autumn. I went in July for my 6 month checkup and we figured out that this was the next one, based on the idea that a pocket of nastiness on the x-ray was on its way to the root. I was not in any pain at this point. This tooth was to cost about $1,700.

So I started the appointments in August. The first one revealed that the pocket of nastiness was really a pocket of raging infection and when they opened the tooth, it all just ran out.

Appointment 2 was finishing the root canal and determining that I had recovered, without antibiotics, from the infection.

Appointment 3 was making the post, molding the perm crown and putting on the temp crown.

Appointment 4 was last week, and it was to put on the new tooth.

And today at 8am, the tooth, which has NO NERVE and thus should have NO PAIN, is KILLING ME. And there is no professional dentist in the office until Monday to help me.

Tylenol ain’t cutting it, people.

UPDATE: The theory is that there is infection in there. An Rx has been called in for both antibiotics and pain relief.

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