Friday, October 09, 2009

Less Worse

Another week has past and this one can best be described as the Week from Heck, which is a slight upgrade from last week.

This week’s events:


Ted comes home today!

Got my last round robin out the door – no more deadline sewing

Got an 87% on the midterm from last week

Ted has amazing friends who helped him when the car broke down

I had to bank by mail to my other account and everything made it and I didn’t get overdrawn

We had a food day for my birthday here at work

My friends came over for study group and brought food (it was during the labyrinthitis)


Ted’s car broke down on the way to his conference - $400

I had my marketing midterm, which was 5 essays and 4,000 words

I experienced a not so fun bout of labyrinthitis

I am still really tired

I had stupid people forget their Market Day

For the next 2 weeks, there are some seriously intense projects due for my marketing class. Then we have 4 weeks until anything else is due in that class. So we are just trying to cope. I have no idea what is going on in the other class; I’m waiting for the project manager to tell me the next steps. Any time now buddy would be helpful.

Meanwhile, my sewing area is a disaster. I have not quite figured out how to attack it. I have to quilt 2 panels (one’s started) that will become my winter curtains for my sliding glass doors. I’m thinking of just concentrating on that because the need is coming. I want to get them hung when the clocks change.

Sleeping also sounds like a plan…..

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