Friday, May 16, 2008

Week 19 report and Week 20 goals

Last night, I had illusions of grandeur of sewing a storm. Not exactly.

I did watch last week’s and this’ week’s Grey’s Anatomy, so that’s nice. While I did not sew a stitch, I did continue cutting. I started cutting my yellow milk crate. I also cut some WOC strips so I can start cutting blades for the pinwheel blocks for the P&P quilt. I did cut 24 pinwheels of blades and I’m still not done with blue. Such is life.

So week 19 did not have a UFO finish, and while I am bummed by that, I have to remind myself that this mini-challenge is not meant to frustrate me. I had hoped to have a quilt to bind while at my sister’s, but that did not happen. So I will bring my GFG bag with me and hope to get a flower worked on. That would still be progress, just on a different goal.

So Week 20 has the following goals:

Cut yellow milk crate
Finish first lasagna quilt to the hand sewing portion of binding
Brownie top all done
Sandwich other lasagna top
Sandwich baby boy quilt top
Cut into pink and brown milk crate
Sew all cut pinwheels
1 bobbin FMQ on the Jackson quilt

That would have me doing something on all 6 remaining UFOs in this challenge.

Tonight’s goals:
Finish cutting the yellow milk crate.
Cut all pinwheels blades out from all of the 3.5” strips I’ve cut. This would be blue, orange and yellow blades.
Square up Brownie blocks, so they are ready for their next logs.

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