Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It's Mailed!

Not much happened yesterday, but in many ways the little bit that did was A-OK.

I FINALLY got the label on Sheri’s quilt last night, while DD flitted about in the backyard, running from neighbor to neighbor playing with all the little girls. (It’s high time she made some friends!)

And then today, I got the quilt over to the FedEx-Kinko’s and mailed it out. It should arrive either tomorrow or Thursday, which is perfect, because Sheri’s birthday is Thursday. She will be 54.

The quilt is all cow fabric and hearts fabric. On the one day I call in sick in October 2006, Sheri leaves work ill and is diagnosed with congestive heart failure. She already had leaky valves and within the year before she fell it, she had lost 75 pounds and looked terrific. If she had not lost all the weight, the congestive heart failure would have killed her.

Anyway, Sheri needed some valve replacements. They told her they were going to use cow valves. She asked for one cow valve and one pig valve so she could “Moo & Oink.” It’s a Chicago reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moo_%26_Oink. Trust me, it’s worth clicking on the link.

The doctors did decline, and when they got inside Sheri, she only needed one valve and they were able to repair the other. Meanwhile, Sheri’s mother was not exactly sympathetic; her mother is one that has to be in the spotlight. So Sheri nearly dying and having open heart surgery (!) was not considered a big deal and her mother has no idea why Sheri is so damned whiny.

Needless to say, Sheri needed a quilt. It got lost in the move, but it’s on its way, better late than never. The Cow Quilt, pattern, Yellow Brick Road, symbolizing the road to recovery.

I did take pictures, but I have no idea how that part works. Stay tuned.

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