Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday update

Despite major dental work that was started on Friday, it was a pretty good weekend for quilting. I did it all on Sunday instead, which is a great Mother’s Day in my opinion. I needed an emergency root canal on one tooth and potentially on its neighbor. The process is started, but it will take 4 appointments to accomplish the mission. Plus I need to be seriously sedated to get through each appointment because I am a chicken. Thankfully, the dentist gets this.

Meanwhile, Sheri did receive her quilt and it made her day, as she has been having a less than ideal set of days. I’m glad that hit the mark.

So on to Sunday. The weather here in central IL was downright nasty. We were checking the TV at 3 am for tornado warnings, it was so bad. So we stayed in, as the advisory was for wind and you weren’t to drive unless you had to. Since I am functioning on temporary crowns right now, eating out wasn’t really high on my list, so we had lots of scrambled eggs and noodles.

I did sandwich a lasagna quilt and quilted a third of it with my very bad FMQ scribbles. I did try some more FMQ on another quilt, but stopped after the top thread broke twice. Then it was on to the quarterly quilting homework of chiclets blocks. Now I love the chiclets pattern, but all of those HSTs can be annoying. Since working on Patches & Pinwheels and the OC, I am now using my easy angle for those HSTs and it’s going much faster. I also found my WOW pile, hidden in the basement under some toys (I wonder who that could be?). So now no more chiclets blocks until July.

Then I started on the Brownies quilt, ironing off all the extra crayon wax and trimming the blocks down to the actual colored surfaces, as the girls did not fill up the whole block in most cases. Then it was framing the blocks log cabin style in 2.5” strips. I then started cutting into my blue and orange milk crate and I started with the scrap bag and not the yardage. The scrap bags take forever, so I didn’t get very far.

And then I watched 3 hours of Survivor and I had Amanda and Parvati in my pool, so I have won some cash! Yay!

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Amanda said...

I'll be thinking of you on the dental front! I had to have a tooth removed two weeks ago and it wasn't much fun at all. And there's other work to be done as well. I get fearfully fearful as well and have to take sedation to keep me from jumping out of the chair. The best of luck and keep up with the deep breathing!