Friday, May 02, 2008

Week 17 ends and 18 begins

Just a quick update. I tried to sew more binding down last night after class (while watching Survivor on tivo) and the new medication I’m on put me right to sleep. Well, so much for that!

Goal is to work on that tonight and over the weekend and get it to the Kinko’s by Monday for shipment. We should be good to go.

Week 17 finish:

Little Red Mat - 1/8

Week 18 goals:

Finish Sheri’s quilt
Process blue and orange milk crate (please note that this involves several things, as noted before)
Brownies quilt – progress
Start OC step 2
Start OC step 3
Kit step 1b for Kim
Kit step 2a for Kim
Kit step 2b for Kim

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