Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Milk Crate Success!

Another day with the teeth. Actually, after being pregnant so many times, I stopped being a belly sleeper and had to become a side sleeper. The problem is that I am lying on the bad teeth. I’m achy and I have 10 days to go. Wish me luck. I didn’t get an appointment this week, so at least I get more sewing time!

I forgot I had a church meeting last night, but they are very prompt that they are only an hour long. So before the meeting I did some cutting and after the meeting I cut for hours. While I got nothing else on my list done, I did finish cutting up the blue and orange milk crate. My God, that took FOREVER.

Tonight there are no errands, but there is laundry and folding. So after those things are done, I hope to do 2 bobbins on a lasagna quilt, which will finish its quilting. I also hope to sandwich the other lasagna quilt, as I did wash the backing last night. I hope to cut 10 yardage pieces of yellow (the next milk crate) and finish framing the Brownies squares. I think that’s plenty for the evening.

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Amanda said...

I am really feeling for you with your tooth-ache, There are few things worse, because you just can't get at it to scratch it, or put a heat pad on or anything. Pain-killers never seem to work either. I'd say you just have to 'grin and bear it' but that just doesn't seem quite appropriate!