Monday, May 05, 2008

UFO #2 is done

Let’s see, how was the weekend for quilting?

I finished the binding on Sheri’s quilt and made the label using Printed Treasures. Tonight I will sew the label on, pack it in a box and mail it on its way!

So UFO #2 – Sheri’s quilt.

I worked on stupid Chiclets blocks and ran out of WOW. I ran to the Treadle and fixed that issue. Only other offense: 2 packs of charm squares. I buy 2 at a time for nickel quilt patterns.

I had been given a roll of 54” fabric that if it washes up OK, would be suitable for charity backs. I cut off a hunk, washed it, dried it and it appears not to have shrunken down to a handkerchief. I need to iron it and measure to it check for shrinkage. Overall though, this was a success.

UFO #3 - I’m not sure where I’m going with this. I have 3 quilts all about the same size that need to be sandwiched, and then the quilting can commence. I need to work on the Brownies quilt as well. I may sandwich one using the washed back and have it at the ready to quilt.

I need to cut the milk crate and do all of that processing, but the finance final looms on Thursday.

I did, however, find my car sticker!

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Amanda said...

Sounds as if you've been jolly busy.