Monday, January 28, 2008

weekend update

Thursday – I PASSED MY TEST! However, I had class, so nothing really happened that evening except me lying around and vegging before class. I had earned it!

Friday – DAY OFF! First I went through and finished the other 9 Chiclets blocks that are homework here for Q1. That was a huge pain in the butt off my mind. Then I went in search of my St. Pat’s stuff and it has disappeared. Well dang! The point was to find it and make a silent auction item from it, as the show is a week before St. Pat’s.

So I dropped back 10 and punted. I found my unused Easter fabrics and decided on making a huge striped egg for a table topper. So I cut strips, prepped a back with batting, and I was off to the races. By the end of the evening, I had the whole thing sewn. It was 18 inches wide and the WOF, so I was hoping to get 2 eggs out of it. I got 2 eggs and 11 little eggs for coasters, so when I determine the yards from stash, I will just use 18 inches and the WOF. There was very little waste.

Saturday – We started the morning with no power, so that was an adventure. I did a lot of housework type stuff and errand type stuff, so no so much sewing. I did start cutting the piano keys for the batik quilt.

The batik quilt was a pattern from a magazine called the Puzzler and our guild called it the batik lover’s quilt. Each person was to make 12 of one square and we were to swap. Included in our swap bag were to be some extra strips for the piano key border to provide unity and continuity throughout the quilt. So I started pressing, measuring, sorting and cutting those out. (By the time I was done, I only had to supplement from stash for 5% of the keys, which isn’t bad.)

Sunday – I cut out 2 large Easter eggs and 11 small ones. I sewed the binding on the 2 big and one of the small and the one small did not turn out well. I may have to postcard finish those. I did get one of the bindings stitched down on the big one and it won’t lay 100% completely flat. I need to iron it and see if that helps.

I also finished cutting the piano key border for my batik quilt and started sewing it together. I got 52 of the 260 keys done and they are attached into 4 sections, making me about 20% of the way done. Whoever said that with scrap quilts, when you’re done cutting, you’re halfway done wasn’t kidding!

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